Giving your best – A poem

by krishnamoorthyb

I found this poem on a web site dedicated to inspirational content this morning.  Planning to make a poster out of it very soon…

Giving Your Best 
by Author Unknown

It’s the hand we clasp with an honest grasp

That gives a hearty thrill;
It’s the good we pour into others’ lives
That comes back our own to fill.
It’s the dregs we drain from another’s cup
That makes our own seem sweet;
And the hours we give to another’s need
That makes our life complete.

It’s the burdens we help another bear
That makes our own seem light.
It’s the anger seen for another’s feet
That shows us the path to right.
It’s the good we do each passing day,
With a heart sincere and true;
In giving the world your very best
It’s best will return to you.