The Design of Everyday Interfaces – 4 (The Wacom Preferences Utility)

by krishnamoorthyb

Part 4 of the series on the design of everyday interfaces.

The following is a screen grab of the utility that is provided with the Wacom Bamboo (now called One By Wacom in India) pen tablet. The purpose (affordance) of the utility is to allow users to configure the behavior of the Wacom pen. What I found to be particularly confusing is the configuration of the action that should be triggered when I press one of the ends of the button on the pen.  This is a case of a missing or incomplete signifier. The purpose of the Sounds option on the right is also not clear. There is ample free space in the UI that could have been used by the designer to provide information on what the controls on the UI do.

Wacom Preferences Tool

At the very least, I would prefer the following modified (Photoshop’ed) UI:

Wacom Preferences A - Modified

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