Free Upgrade of Microsoft Office 2007 to Office 2010

by krishnamoorthyb

I purchased Office 2007 in March 2010. At that time, Microsoft had already announced Office 2010 and had also promised that customers who bought Office 2007 after March 5, 2010 would be eligible for a free upgrade to 2010 once it became available. Office 2010 was launched on June 15, 2010. I was waiting for the launch and contacted Microsoft Customer support for my free upgrade. Their response was prompt and detailed. Here is the reply from Microsoft Support. You can avoid a the process of contacting support if you are also eligible for the upgrade:

Steps to upgrade Office 2010:

1.      Click on the link

2.      Then click on upgrade now.

3.      Confirm your eligibility –

a.       That is Did you purchase your qualifying Office 2007 product between March 5, 2010 and September 30 2010?

b.      Please select your Computer Manufacturer:

c.       Click on I agree to the Terms and Conditions.

4.      Enter your Office 2007 Product Information

a.       Enter the 20-character Product ID that is found in the “About Microsoft Office” program window in your qualifying Office 2007 product. (or open Word 2007 & click on the Office button & Click on Word options > Click on the resource tab & Click on About Tab, here you will find the Product Id )

b.      Select a Language.

c.       Verify – That is ……. Please type the six characters shown in the box to the right.

d.      Then click on

5.      Then you will get the Validating windows.

6.      Once the product ID is validated,

i.Please click on continue and it will take you to login screen where you have to enter an email address (only Live ID )

Note: You can login only using email address ending with:





  • In case you do not have a live ID or Hotmail email address you can click on create your account or you can go to to create a new live ID or
  • In case you have Live ID or Hotmail ID please login and confirm your  order and you will be able to download office and product key will be sent to you to your Live ID (email address )

7.      Once you login, you will find the below screen.

8.      Based on your Product ID it will tell you for which product you are eligible and in case you would like to order a backup disk you can order at nominal cost.

9.      Now click on continue to get the Office 2010 download link & the product Key.

Steps to install Office 2010:

1.      Once you click on the Office 2010 download link you will get an option to “Run, Save or Cancel

2.      Click on Save & Save the file to the desktop.

3.      Once the download is completed, please Run the file & follow the screen to enter the Product Key & install Office 2010.

NOTE: Once the download is completed you can copy this to a CD/DVD & you can use it to install on the other computer.