Data Model Patterns

by krishnamoorthyb

The book ‘Data Model Patterns – Conventions of thought’ by David C. Hay is a must read book for anyone even remotely involved in the fine art of data modelling. I stumbled upon this book as part of my job responsibilities and am glad I got introduced to this book.


All enterprises have some common procedures. Almost everyone since Abraham is involved in the process of buying raw material, making something, taking orders and selling it to other people. We all do it either as our own business or we work for others who make us do this for a living. The book attempts to crystallize the essential requirements of all the major areas of an enterprise like Customer Service, Order Processing, HR etc.. The Data models presented here cannot be directly implemented for any enterprise. They are excellent starting points to understand a complex system like an organization of people producing goods and services. Each data model can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

Even if you are not building an information system for an organization, its a great way to learn the way an organization works!