My Thumb and the Nokia E63

by krishnamoorthyb

The Nokia E63 is a successful phone from Nokia. It packs in a lot of features and comes in a decent form factor. It is phone that has a full QWERTY keypad. I like it but my biggest grouse is the amazingly tiny keys for numbers. I agree that they have to make the keys small to fit them all within a manageable size. One thing that designers are increasingly ignoring is that the phone is fundamentally used to call people. The way we do that is by typing in their phone number (unless they are in our address book). A good design should keep this in mind and provide for reasonably large keys for numbers. This seems to the only drawback in an otherwise wonderful phone from Nokia. Take a look at the two pictures below. The one on the left is what you get from Nokia. The one on the right is what I wish I could get!

nokia-e6321 nokia-e6321

I mean, whats wrong in having two keys for each digit. That way, i can press on any or both keys for say 1.  Anyone listening?