Good news of the day-September 25, 2009

by krishnamoorthyb

I am tired of the news channels. They have breaking news all through the day every single day. I remember a time when the term Breaking News was reserved for something very important and had a national significance. What bothers me more is the increasing pessimism in the news channels. Rarely do we see something that celebrates the spirit of life being served as part of our daily news consumption.  Here is an attempt to bring out the good side of life

The Ozone layer achieved celebrity status in the late eighties and early nineties due to its depletion. Prior to that it was only studied about in Science and Geography classes and was never a topic of debate and world change that it turned out to be. It was reported then that a certain type of chemical compound called ‘Chloroflouro Carbons’ (CFC) were responsible for the depletion of a layer of the Earth’s atmosphere called the Ozone layer. The Ozone layer protects the Earth from the harmful radiation spectrum of the Sun. Scientists observed a hole in the Ozone layer on the Polar regions. They further attributed this to the CFCs. There were emitted in abundance by many industrial plants and was a common product in the manufacturing of Refrigerators, Aerosol cans etc.. The problem with CFC compounds is that they cannot be decomposed or broken up easily by the Earth’s atmospheric gases. A single molecule of this compound can exist for almost 100 years before it can be broken down! The discovery of the hole in the Ozone layer lead to a near mass hysteria.  Governments and world bodies swung into action and a blanket ban on CFCs was announced. This what we got right. We had a group of leaders and a generation of people who were ready to correct the wrongs of the past for a better future. It required an impending world wide catastrophe to bring out the tendency for a greater common good in the people of the world. Anyway, corrective action was taken in time and last week scientists have reported that the hole in the Ozone layer is starting to close up and it should be completely closed by 2050. Kudos!

You can read a scientific article about this here: