Ideas I had sent to Steve Jobs

by krishnamoorthyb

Here is an extract from an email I had sent to Steve Jobs on April 8, 2008. I, of course did not receive any reply 🙂 These are a list of feature requests for iTunes and the iPod.

  1. We in India are huge fans of what we call ‘Filmi music‘. In the western world it is classified as ‘Original soundtrack‘. Our movies are an exotic mix of song and dance and they are unbelievably popular. There is a design problem with the cover flow view when we load such music. The problem is because we have a different artist for each song in a given movie. Actually we have many singers for each song. The cover art is displayed once for each song. Conceptually, a cover flow view should represent a physical collection (of cds) and hence the cover art should appear only once for each album. Can this be fixed in future versions of the firmware and also in iTunes?
  2. An 80GB iPod can hold a huge amount of music. Its difficult to browse through any collection larger than say 2-3GB. Is it possible to add a bookmark feature that is not the same as the ‘On the Go’ feature. The bookmark feature can be valid only for a session when i am trying to decide what to play.
  3. Another problem with Indian Music CDs is the availability of ID3 tags. Is it possible to represent ID3 tag information as a special audio track in an audio cd that can be read by iTunes? That way its easy to make mp3 collections out of audio cds that we have purchased. We would not mind paying a small fee for this feature.
  4. It is common to have more than one iPod per family nowadays. Its a very rare that i really need to carry the entire 80GB of songs that i have every time i want to listen to music. If you consider a couple, then both of them will be storing the same songs on both their devices apart from some individual favourites. What i would really like is a ‘iPod strore’ that is a physical device which can store iPod ready songs but cannot play them. I can connect my iPod (and so can my partner) to the device and just transfer music of my choice using a special program on the iPod. I know that this may may have legal ang copyright issues, but can you please think about it?