Ideas for a Academic book publisher

by krishnamoorthyb

Loooong back I had sent some suggestions to a Tata McGraw Hill representative who used to visit our campus  with some ideas to improve the text book experience in colleges. I am yet to receive a response or see any of it in action as of today. Posting it here hoping someone at some publishing house will benefit from these. TMH in the post refers to Tata McGraw Hill:

  1. Establish an Internet group(mail group type) consisting of al teachers who are teaching a course from the same text book. If possible make the author(s) also a part of the group. This would enable effective and very productive discussions and problems that teachers may face when teaching a course. This would also enable sharing of ideas and teaching methodologies.
  2. Allow qualified instructors to register to updates whenever a new edition or new title is released on topics of his interest. That way you could save costs on printing lots of catalogues!
  3. Establish special TMH sections in institute libraries(in collaboration with your distributors) that would contain all titles from your catalog on subjects of interest. You could also fix special information kiosks at these sections that provide more information and resources regarding your titles.
  4. Establish special public libraries in cities and towns where people can browse through your books. They cannot, however, take them out. Have a sales counter for this.
  5. Conduct special road shows and seminars for students on the complete process of bringing out a book. This would help them understand the amount of effort that goes into publishing a single book. maybe you could even encourage students to bring out some special titles.. After all there are some things only students know!
  6. Conduct a contest of some sort and encourage especially bright students by providing them substantial discounts on your titles, maybe for a year or two
  7. A big challenge is the amount of books circulated in the used books market.  provide special discount coupons on further purchases, maybe other freebies for purchase (esp bulk) of text books