Cleaning up my mp3 collection with ID3 Tags

by krishnamoorthyb

I was a regular user of ID3 TagIt! I was forced to look for alternatives once I got a new laptop with Microsoft Vista. ID3 TagIt! does not work on Vista and the developers have stopped work on the tool. My problem is I need a file renaming tool and a tool for editing Id3 Tags as i have a some collections with bad file names. In my exhaustive hunt for the perfect ID3 tagging tool, I happened to find MP3Tag by Florian Heidenreich from . I loved ID3TagIt! because of its simplicity and the ability to lookup freeDb for cover art and tag information. Mp3 Tag goes a step further as it includes a powerful action scripting option. You can use regular expressions to do pretty much anything you want! I was able to rename a set of 90 files yesterday with a single mouse click. I would highly recommend this tool to anyone who has an iPod or who just likes to keep his music collection clean!