by krishnamoorthyb

Why do we feel inspired?

Why do we lose inspiration?

Why do we hesitate to say nice things to people?

Why can’t our lives be slower?

What is the hurry?

Why is every road journey a challenge to get from point A to B in the shortest time possible?

Why is our professional life devoid of any personal feelings?

Why is love not a corporate value?

Why is freedom of expression such a big issue while sensitivity to your neighbour and fellow human being is not?

Why can’t men never ever understand the love of a mother?

Why is not necessary to understand Love in order to experience it?

Why do poor Belgian farmers  pour excess milk into the fields while children die in Africa due to malnutrition?

Why is chocolate sooooo good?

Why does a starlit night sky evoke the dreamer in everyone?

Why do we have Saturday and Sunday off instead of Wednesday and Sunday?

Why do chemical engineers become software programmers? What was the use of University education in his life?

Why do I spend so much of my time wandering aimlessly on the Internet?

Why do people build monstrous buildings next to a narrow road in Bangalore?

Why can’t I live more in the real world and less in the digital world?