24-Tony turns bad

by krishnamoorthyb

I love to admit this. I am a BIG fan of 24. Have watched every episode from the night David Palmer was attacked as a senator. Season 7 is such a refreshing change from the monotony that had creeped in into the plots right from season 5. I definitely did not like the whole season involving Jack’s crazy family(father and brother). The worst move was to make Wayne Palmer the President. What were the directors thinking? David Palmer lent a character to the seat of the President that I strongly feel many of the issues he faced would make very good case studies in a management class. Wayne Palmer was to the presidency what David Beckham would be to football in the US league. A poster boy and nothing more.

Coming back to season 7, it was great to see Tony back though he could have had a shave and a clean face! What I cannot accept is the number of people Tony has shot and killed in an attempt to secure the canister. It is an exagerration beyond human comprehension for people who have seen Tony from season 1. I remember having a funny feeling about Tony in the first few episodes of season 1, but that went away as it was revealed as a girlfriend issue later on. To see an incendiary Tony breaks my heart. What could have made him turn around? No motivating factor can ever justify this twist in the plot!

Lets see how the next 4 episodes pan out.. Lord.. please protect my frahile heart! Let not Jack, Aaron Peirce or Chloe turn over to the dark side!

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight